Endrava is a consultancy specialized in climate and energy
We support organizations in cutting their greenhouse gas emissions

Our focus is climate change and energy

At Endrava, we see climate change as today’s most pressing sustainability issue, and the way we use energy is the key to making real improvements. Organizations are increasingly starting to adapt and respond to this challenge, and we support their journey.

We help organizations and businesses:

  • estimating their carbon emissions,
  • finding the best solutions to reduce their footprint,
  • communicating internally and externally about their ambitions and progress.

In our work with technology and emissions, we have reached a simple conclusion: technology and innovation are central, but the largest barrier to sustainability is organisational. To overcome this barrier, we combine our engineering background with a people-oriented approach.

Our team is multidisciplinary and growing

Endrava consists of skilled advisers with a background in both private and public sectors, communication and psychology. We are specialists in climate strategy, climate footprint, smart cities, mobility, analysis and programming. We’ll be 8-9 employees by the end of this year, and more than 20 by the end of 2025.

Eric Rambech

Eric is co-founder at Endrava. His is into complex stakeholder processes where different roles each hold part of the key for better solutions. Climate budgets, new value chains for renewable fuels, and Scope 1-2-3 emission reductions are some of the central themes. Eric is known for his can-do attitude and enthusiasm. At the same time, he brings focus to the team, honing in on the one key question that needs to be answered.

Tlf: (+47) 45 09 81 23

Email: eric@endrava.com

Valentin Vandenbussche

Valentin is co-founder at Endrava. He currently works with the industry on several projects linked to emissions and energy use. Valentin is an efficient project manager and has proven cooperation and facilitation skills. He is analytical, good at both organizing and synthesizing ideas, and excels at communicating complex topics through easy-to-understand visualizations.

Tlf: (+47) 90 71 51 54

Email: valentin@endrava.com

Sigrid Møyner Hohle

Sigrid advises on climate psychology and communication. She holds a PhD in psychology, and is passionate about the way people understand and act upon information on climate change. Sigrid complements the technical and economics skills at Endrava with a human dimension that is often key to achieving progress on climate issues.

Tlf: (+47) 95 73 30 60

Email: sigrid@endrava.com

Rebecca Briedis

With a background in waste management, Rebecca is passionate about the relationship between production, consumption, and the circular economy. She thinks we must find solutions and actions that are sustainable, innovative, and circular to reduce the climate impact of our consumerism. Rebecca has valuable analytical skills and believes that data and calculations must be viewed from a larger, socio-economic perspective when reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Tlf: (+47) 91 11 73 49

Email: rebecca@endrava.com

Øystein Liverød

Øystein has worked on different energy and environmental projects within the building sector, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and carbon accounting schemes of large organizations. He pursues pragmatic and sustainable solutions in order to reduce the carbon footprint from companies. Øystein has a interdisciplinary background and experience, and emphasize a strategic focus in the work of reducing the carbon footprint.

Tlf: (+47) 95 70 47 85

Email: oystein@endrava.com

Anne Christensen Lerum

Anne is a political scientist with 9 years of experience from climate mitigation work in the public sector. She has been a climate advisor in both The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen) and in the City of Oslo. She has been active in developing climate strategies and measures for limiting transport emissions. Climate action is dependent on involvement and dialogue, and Anne believes in putting people first when working with climate issues.

Tlf: (+47) 99 64 38 21

Email: anne@endrava.com

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