Endrava is a consultancy specialised in sustainability
We support organisations and businesses in reaching their improvement targets

People are the key to success, the technology will follow

The team at Endrava are committed change-makers, and we guide organisations on their journey. In our work with technology and emissions, we have reached a simple conclusion: technology and innovation are central, but the largest barrier to sustainability is organisational.

To overcome this barrier, we combine our engineering background with a passion for sustainability and proven consulting skills.

We focus on climate change and energy issues

At Endrava, we see climate change as today’s most pressing sustainability issue, and the way we use energy is the key to making real improvements. Simply put, we all need to adapt and respond to this challenge.

The climate challenge is global, but often our influence is limited to what is happening just outside our windows. We think this is the best place to start, however at the same time, being aware of developments in other countries is crucial in order to stay on top of best practice. Our background is international, having worked and studied across 4 continents, and we bring that experience to our projects.







Our expertise


We help our customers map their use of energy. Together we find the best actions to switch to cleaner energy sources and to be more efficient.


We help cities plan and carry-out their transition to cleaner and smarter mobility. We coordinate efforts across stakeholders and ensure progress.


We help the industry identify cost-efficient ways of reducing their emissions, and improving their energy performance. We help them turn plans into action.

We are Endrava

Eric Rambech

Eric is in charge of daily operations at Endrava. He currently works for the Agency for Climate at the City of Oslo to help plan and implement measures to reduce greenhouse gases. He is known for his can-do attitude and enthusiasm. At the same time, Eric brings focus to the team, honing in on the one key question that needs to be answered.

With a multifaceted background, Eric understands the organizational, financial and technical barriers and enablers for sustainable change. That’s why you’ll often find him fact-checking all three aspects of a business case to ensure a good fit. Eric has a particular interest in urban development and the link between mobility and energy systems.

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Valentin Vandenbussche

Valentin is in charge of technology development at Endrava. He currently works with the industry on several projects linked to emissions and energy. Valentin is an efficient project manager and has proven cooperation and facilitation skills. He believes in the power of creativity and collaboration when it comes to solving problems.

He is analytical, good at both organising and synthesising ideas, and excels at communicating complex topics through easy-to-understand visualisations. Focused on efficiency, Valentin is always looking for new and better ways to achieve results. He is passionate about technology and a self-declared geek.

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We are climate positive!

Part of our work is to help organisations and businesses cut their CO2 emissions. It only makes sense we would start with our own. We take steps at reducing our own CO2 footprint, through actions like commuting by bicycle and public transport, and preferring video meetings whenever possible.

Still, most emissions are out of our own control. For these, CHOOOSE helps us compensate through supporting climate-friendly projects around the world. To go the extra mile, we actually compensate for more than what we emit.

This makes Endrava climate positive ♥ We encourage you to do the same.