Accelerating cuts in greenhouse gas emissions

As the global efforts against climate change intensify, many organizations and businesses need to adapt their activities and find solutions to reduce their emissions.

Endrava helps estimating carbon emissions, finding the best solutions to reduce these and communicating with stakeholders about ambitions and progress.

We take a fact-based and data-driven approach to our projects, ensuring that our recommendations are based on the best available knowledge. We are people-oriented, and turn complicated data into actionable advice.


We help cities define targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions and implementing climate budgets. We help with following-up and improving the climate plans.


We help organizations facilitate behavior change and communicate their work internally and externally. We hold presentations about climate psychology and communication.


We help cities plan and carry-out their transition to cleaner and smarter mobility. We coordinate efforts across stakeholders and ensure progress.


We help the industry identify cost-efficient ways of reducing their emissions, and improving their energy performance. We help them turn plans into action.


We help our customers map their use of energy. Together we find the best actions to switch to cleaner energy sources and to be more efficient.

Sharing our findings

We believe that sharing our findings can help others take better decisions for the climate. Whenever possible we therefore promote public sharing of our work. Below are some examples of projects and results.