Value-chain for hydrogen from wind energy

Smøla is an island community located in the Møre & Romsdal county, north-west in Norway. Through foresight, ambition and close collaboration between public and private entities, Smøla has established itself as a pioneer in onshore wind power, and the wind farm at Smøla was Europe’s largest when it was commissioned, and the largest in Norway until 2017.

The power cable between Smøla and the mainland has effectively reached its capacity, preventing additional capacity expansions of the turbines. A new export power cable from the island to shore is considered too expensive.

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Meanwhile, Smøla also aims to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions from transport, of which the high speed ferry and buses constitute a significant share.

Endrava, in collaboration with Hyon and JC Gjerløw Consult, performed a techno-economic study of possible hydrogen value chain concepts, all based around the production of hydrogen from Smøla’s wind farm.

Our analysis shows that, with some reservations, hydrogen should be produced at Smøla. We base this analysis on three main reasons: From a demand perspective, significant and predictable consumers technically eligible for conversion to hydrogen exist at Smøla. From a supply perspective, the hydrogen value chain at Smøla can be made competitive. From an environmental and safety perspective, hydrogen from renewable energy is well positioned to replace diesel with corresponding strong emission reduction potential.

Location of the two sites for production and distribution of hydrogen, and the wind-park at Smøla.

They worked on this project:

Eric Rambech
Valentin Vandenbussche
JC Gjerløw Consult